Maintenance and Repairs: A Guide to Keeping Commercial Properties in Top Shape

Maintenance and Repairs: A Guide to Keeping Commercial Properties in Top Shape

Do you own a rental property in Los Angeles, California? To keep your tenants safe and happy, you have to stay on top of maintenance and repairs. If someone has to wait too long for a new light bulb or you let the exterior of the building go, you could lose a valuable tenant.

This is why regular inspections are crucial. You should also run safety audits, stay on top of HVAC maintenance, and don't forget about pest control. Send someone out to spray for bugs in the winter and summer months especially.

These are only a few steps toward maintaining a property. Check out this quick guide to learn more.

Schedule Regular Inspections

The number one way to keep commercial properties in good shape is to schedule regular maintenance. This will bring small problems to your attention before they turn into larger issues.

Fixing big maintenance problems can be expensive. They can also put a damper on tenant satisfaction if you don't repair them fast enough.

A few things that you should pay special attention to during your inspections are the roof, HVAC system, electrical wiring, and plumbing.

Run Safety Audits

Run safety audits at least once a month. If someone is hurt because of a faulty fire detector, for example, you could be met with a lawsuit.

If you find a broken safety feature during your audit, make sure to schedule repairs as soon as possible. It's not something that you should delay.

HVAC Is Crucial

A broken AC during times of extreme temperatures isn't only uncomfortable for tenants. It can also be dangerous.

Have your property inspected for potential HVAC problems at the end of fall before the cold weather hits and then again right before summer.

Pest Control

When scheduling regular maintenance, don't forget about pest control. If an infestation were to break out, it would cost you a pretty penny. It could also cause tenants to leave.

Even if a resident hasn't mentioned pests, you should still send someone by to spray once a quarter or so. Prevention is the best way to keep insects and rodents away.

Don't Forget About Your Exterior Maintenance

Landscaping and exterior maintenance is a regular and important part of marketing and property management. If you're going to post your property opening online, you won't get many hits if your grass is too high in all the photos.

Tall grass welcomes pests and other issues. It can also demotivate tenants from taking care of the place. If you don't care about the building's curb appeal, why should they?

Don't Neglect Your Property Maintenance and Repairs

When it comes to marketing and keeping tenants, property maintenance and repairs are of the utmost importance. If a tenant has to wait too long for something to get fixed or you allow a pest infestation to go on, there's a good chance that they'll break their lease early.

Scheduling regular maintenance can be difficult when you have a million other property-related tasks to take care of. Los Angeles property management is well-equipped to help landlords all around the California area. Go here to learn more about our services and schedule a consultation.